I am currently a M.S. student in Applied Mathematics Department at University of Washington, Seattle. I am mostly interested in problems involving Complexity Theory, Computing, Optimization and Information Theory. I received my B.S. in Mathematics from UC San Diego in June 2018. Meanwhile, I am an enthusiast of music, photography, media production, and motorsport.

I am from Nanjing, China and I currently live in Seattle, WA.


E-mail: qzhng@uw.edu

Github: AirswitchAsa

(On the right is a picture of me taken in June, 2018 in Kamakura, Japan.)

Recent Activities:

Dec 15, 2019: I will be leaving for Hawaii during the winter! Expecting to update albums.

Dec 7, 2019: I raced my BRZ at Pacific Raceways.

Dec 6, 2019: I am participating the WDRP of Winter 2020 at UW.

Here are some personal favourites:

This is a link to the article The Facts of Perception by Hermann Helmholtz (1878).

This is a link to my favourite song "All Things Must Pass" by George Harrison (1970).

Below are some pictures:

Seattle, Dec 2018

La Jolla, Nov 2018

La Jolla, Nov 2018